Company News  /  Carbonstop Unveils Carbon AI at COP28: Artificial Intelligence Empowering Carbon Emission Reduction

Carbonstop Unveils Carbon AI at COP28: Artificial Intelligence Empowering Carbon Emission Reduction

  • Date: 2024-01-30
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On December 8th, at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), a groundbreaking innovation in artificial intelligence captured the attention of global climate change advocates. Carbon AI, an artificial intelligence service focused on the carbon industry, was launched at China Pavilion. 

As global attention to climate change and environmental protection rises, the role and demand for carbon consultants are increasingly evident. However, the challenges in the carbon consulting field have always persisted, such as the collection and organization of massive data, timely access to and interpretation of the latest policies, and the popularization and training of professional knowledge. To empower the low-carbon field with AI, enhance corporate carbon management efficiency and standards, and reduce the costs of green operations, Carbon AI emerges.

Luhui Yan, founder & CEO of Carbonstop, officially launched Carbon AI at COP28 and showcased its powerful features and capabilities. He demonstrated the calculation of the carbon emissions of COP28 and other carbon-related questions on-site, highlighting its extensive carbon factor database and computational power.

As an AI dedicated to the carbon field, it offers interpretations of over a thousand terms and policies, along with insights and analysis from tens of thousands of cases, helping people to comprehensively understand carbon knowledge, industry trends, and policy regulations. It also serves as a rapid carbon calculation tool, aiding in carbon emission accounting across various scenarios such as corporations, products, projects, and events, thus facilitating easy carbon calculation and understanding of carbon emissions. Additionally, Carbon AI acts as an assistant on Ccloud, capable of executing user commands, building models, and analyzing carbon data within the Ccloud. In the future, it plans to utilize large models and industry data for intelligent modeling, providing more personalized carbon data analysis services.

Developed by dozens of senior experts in the carbon field, Carbon AI represents the best practices accumulated by Carbonstop over more than a decade, including over ten years of carbon emission factor data, corporate end Scope 1,2,3 data, thousands of product carbon footprint project accumulations, and publicly available SBTI and ESG data. As a global leader in carbon emission management, Carbonstop has always been actively driving enterprises towards carbon neutrality. The newly released Carbon AI further demonstrates our commitment and capability in aiding enterprises to achieve their carbon neutrality goals.

In the future, as artificial intelligence technology continues to develop and improve, Carbon AI will play an increasingly important role in the global emission reduction process. Let us join together in using AI to assist in carbon reduction, building a sustainable future!