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Project cases

  • Alibaba's Green Logistics
  • Baidu ESG carbon accounting
  • Carbon Reduction Accounting of Garbage Sorting in Vanke Community
  • JD carbon emission quantification
  • UN Green Meeting
  • Carbon emission factor database

Alibaba– “The Green Action Plan”

    In 2016, entrusted by Alibaba’s Cainiao, Carbonstop estimated the carbon reduction potential for Alibaba, from four aspects: green transportation, green packing, green recycling, and promote the use of electronic surface sheet, in the next five years (2016-2020), to carry out the promise of "The Green Action Plan".

    Based on Cainiao emission reduction plan, in the next five years, the final calculation showed that the total emission reduction will reach 3.62 million tons.

million tons

Baidu ESG carbon accounting

    Carbonstop has been updated for the unit carbon emission reduction of Baidu’s green travel. Baidu map has digitized and embodied the low-carbon effect of green transport.

    Carbonstop provided Baidu with annual carbon emission accounting services for data centers, smart buildings, commuter cars and charging piles, and quantifies a series of energy saving and emission reduction measures. COP 25 was held in Madrid, Spain. Carbonstop Shared the case of Baidu in the field of low-carbon, sustainable actions and achievements, which attracts international attention.

Vanke Xishan community carbon emission reduction accounting

    In 2019, Carbonstop was supported by Vanke foundation to conduct carbon emission reduction accounting for garbage classification in Xishan courtyard community.

    In Xishan courtyard community, the amount of waste was investigated according to the actual situation, and the greenhouse gas emission of biological treatment of food waste, composting of garden waste, recycling the recyclable waste, and incineration of other waste were calculated based on the concept of life cycle assessment. Finally, by comparing the difference between garbage classification treatment and garbage un-classification treatment, the carbon emission reductions of three scenarios were calculated respectively.

JD “green bill” carbon emission reduction accounting project

    In 2017, entrusted by Jingdong, Carbonstop quantified emission reduction for its online shopping scenarios and consumption behaviors, helped consumers understand the consumption of the whole year, quantified the green contribution, and enabled consumers to realize the positive impact of purchasing green products online and green consumption behavior on the environment.

    This emission reduction accounting focuses on typical green goods and green behaviors, such as purchasing energy-saving goods, choosing green package packaging. In addition, the quantified emission reduction is compared to the public's easy-to-understand behavior of food, clothing, housing and transportation, such as reducing the mileage of driving, reducing the amount of garbage, saving the number of chopsticks, and reducing the use of plastic bags.

UN Green Meeting

    A “green” or sustainable meeting “is one designed, organized and implemented in a way that minimizes negative environmental impacts and leaves a positive impact for the host community”, says the Green Meeting Guide, published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Environmental impacts caused by various reporting materials, transportation, accommodation, air conditioning and other resources used to host conferences or events include air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, garbage, and consumption of paper, plastic, food and other resources. Therefore, in order to reduce the environmental impact of conferences and activities, in recent years, all countries around the world have strengthened the advocacy and implementation of the "green meeting". Carbonstop worked with UNEP to develop the green conference guide. In order to promote the concept and practice of green conference more widely.

The Carbon intelligence - carbon emission factor database

    After more than eight years of accumulation, the Carbonstop team has compiled and released a database of carbon emission factors covering more than 260 countries around the world.

    At present, the data volume has exceeded 80000 and it is continuously collected and updated, becoming the infrastructure for low-carbon industry to conduct carbon emission accounting.

    The carbon emission factor database supports many brand carbon accounting projects, including those of Alibaba, Vanke, Baidu, JD and the United Nations.


Project cases

Our Advantages


Carbonstop has provided more than 1,000 enterprises and institutions with carbon emission management software and consulting services. At the same time, we have cooperated with the United Nations, the National Development and Reform Commission, international and domestic NGOs, foundations and others in the field of low carbon. We have accumulated rich project experience in the fields of enterprise carbon accounting, conference carbon accounting, product carbon footprint, enterprise carbon management software, etc.


The development of Carbonstop has benefited from an excellent team with deep knowledge background and rich industry experience, as well as a number of international consultants who will provide international vision and diversified perspectives. Most of the members of the Carbonstop team have a master's degree or above, including doctors and masters in information technology and carbon management, as well as auditors who actually operate carbon emission management in the enterprise.


Carbonstop advocates the calculation of carbon emissions through scientific methods and accurate and reasonable data,and tailor-made carbon management scheme for enterprises from the business perspective, so that enterprises can actively cope with risks, seize market opportunities, and always take the lead in the market competition.


Carbonstop works with customers to develop carbon emission management solutions to gain competitive advantages and bring positive energy to the society. We always stand on the customer's point of view and create excellent products and services like customers. We hope that through our professional work, we can help enterprises reduce their impact on the environment while saving costs, and truly become the driving force of energy conservation, carbon reduction and sustainable development.