Other Consulting Projects


Carbonstop provides other consulting projects, including science-based target development, carbon reduction project analysis, carbon trading strategy analysis report output, sustainability report complete report filling, Eco-vadis questionnaire filling, and so on.

Working mode

Science-based target

The transition to a low-carbon economy is underway and accelerating globally. Every sector in every market will be transformed. Get on track now for low-carbon and future-proof growth by setting a science-based target to increase innovation, reduce regulatory uncertainty, strengthen investor confidence and credibility. Over 100 global coporations using science-based targets to align strategies with Paris Agreement.

Carbonstop help make decision of science-based target and the application, according to real information of state, region, industry carbon emissions and emission reduction conditions for enterprises to formulate science-based target.

Carbon reduction project analysis

Carbonstop will select 2-3 carbon emission reduction projects after conducting on-site investigations and interviews with customers based on the reliable information and data., analyze and calculate the carbon emission reduction potential for each project and write a report for this.

Main processes include:

1,On-site investigation;
2,Responsible person interview;
3,Identification of emission reduction projects;
4,Emission reduction project carbon accounting;
5,Write a report.
Carbon trading strategy analysis report output

Carbonstop help enterprises develop carbon trading strategies based on the location and industry, through industry research and analysis, generate a report.

Main processes include:

1,Literature review of regional and industry carbon trading policy;
3,Collection of data and policy information;
4,Carbon trading strategy analysis report production.
Sustainability report complete report filling

Carbonstop does search, information collection and production report of the sustainability report according to the GRI framework.

Main processes include:

1,Previous research and related parties research;
2,On-site investigation;
3,Information collection and arrangement;
4,Writing sustainable development report.

Eco-vadis questionnaire filling

Carbonstop also help companies that have demand of filling of Eco-vadis questionnaire.

Main processes include:

1,Research and communication;
2,Information collection and arrangement;
3,Filling Eco-vadis questionnaire.

2019 FEB--JUL, Carbonstop calculated carbon emission reductions of garbage sorting in Xishantingyuan, this project was funded by VANKE Foundation.In Xishantingyuan, Carbonstop did the field research based on the annual waste generation, and maily focused on three theme: food waste with black soldier fly treatment,  garden waste with compositing treatment and garbage sorting with sustainable treatment.

2018 DEC, Carbonstop (Beijing) Tech Co.Ltd released the research report of energy-conservation appliance and carbon emission reduction on 2018 ‘double 11’. The report was support by EF (the Energy Foundation) and produced by Carbonstop. The report collected the consumption data of ‘Double 11’ energy-saving appliances (Refrigerators, wash machines, air-conditioners, TVs) on e-commerce platforms, and analyzed consumer behaviors in terms of energy efficiency labels, carbon emissions, carbon emission reductions and prices.

Service plan

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