Third Parties CAMP


Why Third Party Verification Agency Needs Carbon Management Software?

1. Professional verification work

2. Complex Verification processes

3. Easy to manage the information of the verified company

Carbon verification software features

1. Based on carbon accounting

2. Statistical analysis by regulatory authorities (such as the NDRC)

3. Verification agency verify the full process management

4. Great differences in emissions from industrial processes

5. Threshold judgment

Working mode

The first party - Emission Enterprises

Boundary - production system

The second party - Management Section

The third party - Carbon Accounting

Literary Judgment


China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS)

In March 2016, Carbonstop was commissioned by the China National Institute of Standardization to develop a carbon emission accounting system for the steel industry, and to achieve complete functional development of background authority management system and output and verification of materials and data. This system will help the verification agency to complete the on-line verification and data management of the annual carbon emissions of steel industry enterprises, save the manpower and material resources for verification.

China Building Material Test & Certification Group CO., Ltd.(CTC)

In October 2015, carbon block successfully won the bid for the development of carbon emission verification software for building materials industry, which was invited by CTC Co., Ltd.. The main functions of the carbon emission verification system in the building materials industry are: 

1, To help enterprises fill in the carbon emission information; 

2, Data statistics and output of the carbon emission authorities; 

3, Verification process management of the third party verification agencies. 

The system will be independently and logically connected by different accounts, so that all users can not only perform their own operational tasks online, but also interact with each other.

Service plan

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