About Us


  • 2019年


    Carbonstop contributed to JD Logostics in carbon emission reduction of reducing waste.


    Luhui Yan was invited to attend COP25.

  • 2018年


    Carbonstop won the Best Partner Award of China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA).


    Carbonstop drafts the General Guideline for Electrical and Electronic Products Carbon Footprint Assessment, and will undertake the development of carbon footprint standards for mobile phones and computers.

  • 2017年


    Carbonstop provided Green Conference Services for the Schneider Electric Innovation Summit 2017


    Carbonstop account the carbon emission reduction of purshase behavior in Jingdong platform for Jingdong.

  • 2016年


    British Council hosted its monthly Green Team special event in China Office. Carbonstop was invited to share its Greenmeeting practices and skills for attendees to dig emission reduction potential from meeting activities and to realize paperless, electronic registration, carbon emission quantification and carbon neutralization of meetings, finally to push the accomplishment of annual emission reduction target of China Office.

  • 2015年


    Carbonstop successfully bidded for the Building Materials industry carbon emission verification software development project of China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co. Ltd.


    Carbonstop was entrusted by UNEP and CCFA to develop China Retail Sustainable Consumption Platform

  • 2014年


    Carbonstop CEO Luhui Yan was invited to attend the CDP 2014 China Spring Workshop and delivered a speech.


    Carbonstop developed its own “Carbon market information searching” WeChat platform that contains policies, guidance and summarized trading characteristics of the seven pilots.

  • 2013年


    Carbonstop was invited by SEE& TNC to provide the “QR code for Reducing carbon emission” service for the Eco Awards event.


    Carbonstop was invited by the IED to help Dandelion Middle School students to understand the knowledge of carbon footprint and how to use the carbon footprint calculator.

  • 2012年


    Carbonstop established strategic cooperation with the Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation.


    Carbonstop achieved an agreement with IED (Institute for Environment and Development), and became the partner of the second Green Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Model Activity.

  • 2011年

    Carbonstop was set up and became the China's first carbon management software and consulting service provider.