Industrial Park CAMP


Superve the energy consumption and emission data of construction industry
Build a data center of energy and carbon emissions in low carbon industrial park, easy for denergy management
Data first, scientific analysis, reasonable decision
Find potential of emission reduction, generate carbon assets (CCER), and Release relevant government information to carbon emission reduction demanders.
Emission entities:
Improve the management level of energy using and carbon emissions
Benchmarke analysis of emission entities in construction industry, promote emission entities to improve the emission reduction levels
Timely inquire and grasp the relevant policies of the government on energy conservation and emission reduction
Development of self carbon assets
Energy saving service provider:
An important part of production and operation and credit records of enterprises
Find effective ways to contract energy management and tap energy saving and carbon reduction potential
Promote the development of regional energy saving industry

Working mode


In November 2017, Carbonstop was commissioned by ustk economic development zone to develop a carbon emission management service platform. The system includes three modules, energy management, low carbon management and low carbon information. It provides services for low carbon development in the park from information, finance and carbon assets, helping the park enterprises to actively participate in international and domestic carbon trading market. 

At the same time, Carbonstop helps the park to complete the annual accounting of greenhouse gas emission inventory and emission reduction projects in 2016, to help the park to find out the carbon asset, and to carry out comprehensive carbon management.

Service plan

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