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Luhui Yan was awarded as 2019 Social Innovator (Environment) TOP10


On January 11, 2020, the 2019 TOP10 list of social innovators was officially released, with 70 social innovators selected in seven major fields. The 2019 TOP10 list covers seven areas: education, environment, disability, health care, rural development, science and technology, and social innovators under the age of 30. Carbonstop founder Luhui Yan was awarded the 2019 Social Innovator (Environment) TOP10.
Carbonstop won the Carbon Label Pioneer Award


anuary 9, 2019, the 2020 Carbon Label Annual Meeting and award ceremony jointly hosted by China Carbon Label Industry Innovation Alliance (CLIIA), China Electronic Energy――Saving Technology Association(CEESTA) and China Low-Carbon Economy Promotion Association(CLCEPA) was held in Beijing, University of International Business and Economics. Carbonstop was rewarded the Carbon Label Pioneer Award.
Carbonstop was Elected as Board Member of First Council of Carbon Label Industry Innovation Alliance


On August 10, 2019, the inaugural meeting of China Carbon Label Industry Innovation Alliance, also the 2nd International Conference on Carbon Labels for Electrical and Electronic Products and the 1st International Forum on Carbon Labels for Products in Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, was held in Shenzhen. Carbonstop (Beijing) Tech Co., Ltd. was elected as the board member of the 1st Council of China Carbon Label Industry Innovation Alliance.
2018 “Low Carbon Big Ideas” Design Proposal Competition – “Best Design Proposal”


On the afternoon of January 11, the summary meeting of citizen low carbon actions, “Low Carbon Big Ideas” and “Leaders in Energy Efficiency” commendation meeting were jointly held in Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction Center of Shanghai. Carbonstop won the “Best Design Proposal”. This competition had received 25 proposals. 13 of them are related to the theme one (Low Carbon Lifestyle in “Clothes, Food, Accommodation, Transport and Consumption”); 9 of them are related to theme two (Package Recycling) and 3 of them are related to theme three (Low Carbon Map of Shanghai).

Certificate of Drafting Unit of Group Standards “Carbon Label of Electrical and Electronic Products”


Carbonstop participated in drafting standard TB/CEESTA-2018004 “Carbon Label of Electrical and Electronic Products “ and got the certificate from CCESTS (China Electronic Energy-saving Technology Association).
Carbonstop was awarded CCFA Best Partner


On the June 8, 2018, CCFA (China Chain-Store & Franchise Association) hosted “New consumption forum—2018 China Green Consumption Annual Meeting” in Beijing. The meeting rewarded first green development honour—“Green movement ”. Carbonstop was rewarded “Green movement—best partner”.

2015 Low Carbon China “Low Carbon Corporation”


On June 13, 2015, with strong support and guidance of department of climate change, national development and reform commission of China, Carbonstop was awarded the title of “Low Carbon Corporation” of Low Carbon China because of efforts that Carbonstop had made for corporations and organizations in achieving green low carbon development.

Luhui Yan, Founder and CEO of Carbonstop, Was Shortlisted for the “British Outstanding Alumni Awards”


On the afternoon of March 3, 2015, the first “British Outstanding Alumni Awards”, hosted by British Council, was held in Shanghai. Luhui Yan, founder and CEO of Carbonstop, was shortlisted for the “social impact award”, and he have a brief conversation with Prince William.

Carbonstop’s Video “Your carbon footprint” Won the Best Popular Science Award in Popular Science Media Creative Competition


On February 5th, 2015, the award ceremony of the first Beijing Science and Technology New Media Creative Competition, hosted by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, was held at the China Ancient Animal Museum. The “your carbon footprint” video from Carbonstop won the best popular science award.

Carbonstop “Green Meeting” Won “Global Charming & Fashion Example”


On January 26, 2015, the “2014 Global Charming & Fashion Example Annual Ceremony”, jointly hosted by People's Daily and Global Network, was held in China's Oil Painting Institute. The fashion leader, Ms. Yao Chen, unveiled that the “Green Meeting” project was selected as one of the top ten Charming& fashion models.

Carbonstop Won the First Prize of “Hainan Airlines Social Innovation Competition”


On December 11 2014, 2014 “Hainan Airlines social innovation competition and award ceremony”, jointly hosted by 21st Century Business Herald and Hainan Airlines, was held in Beijing. Carbonstop won the first prize among more than two hundred candidates.

Carbonstop Won Second Prize of “Green Life Wisdom”


On November 15, 2014, “Green Life Wisdom” award ceremony, jointly initiated by Beijing municipal environmental protection propaganda center and Shijingshan environmental protection bureau, was hold in Beijing Municipal environmental protection propaganda center. The “carbon footprint” video of Carbonstop won the second prize.

Luhui Yan, Founder and CEO of Carbonstop Won “2014 China Youth Entrepreneur Pioneer ” Award


On November 1 and 2, 2014, World Youth Forum 2014, initiated and sponsored by nearly 100 domestic and foreign institutions including the United Nations Millennium Project Office, the United Nations Youth Office, the Renmin University of China Education Foundation, and the Chengmei Charity Foundation, hosted by World Youth Innovation Center, was held in Renmin University. Luhui Yan was invited to share the experience of his business and won the “2014 China Youth Entrepreneur Pioneer” award.

“2014 World Hour Self-made Blue Sky” Excellence Award


On March 4, 2014, the results of Self-made blue sky plan were announced by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), EF (the Energy Foundation) and CAAC (Clean Air Alliance of China). “Calculator of carbon footprint” of Carbonstop won excellence award.

Top 6 of E idea


On December 24, 2012, “corporation carbon emission management platform” of Carbonstop was selected as one of the top six of the E-idea proposal competition, which is sponsored by Cultural and Education Section of British Embassy and LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance). Carbonstop received financial support and expert’s guidance for one year.