Carbonstop contributed to sustainable consumption mini-game "the story between you and the earth in 2030 "

Recently, a game named "the story between you and earth in 2030" became popular in the Wechat. Based in the game, users need to answer questions to choose what product is sustainable to them. Consumers are shifted to designers to understand what is their expectations on sustainable products. This game includes different industry and fields, such as product design, clothing brand management and restaurant management. Basically, whole supply chain has been involved in the game, such as material choose, production, packaging and operation. The game was designed by SynTao and CCFA,and Carbonstop provided data support on carbon emission part.

Carbonstop got excellent grades for clients in CDP 2019

The CDP 2019 project started from May 2019, Carbonstop continued to provide carbon management service in CDP project for clients. The services include annual carbon emission calculation, emission targets, climate change risks and opportunities identification and supply chain questionnaire reply. Additionally, Carbonstop provides services in water security part. The resultes are pretty good this year, all the clients got at least B, and some got A-.

Luhui Yan was awarded as 2019 Social Innovator (Environment) TOP10

On January 11, 2020, the 2019 TOP10 list of social innovators was officially released, with 70 social innovators selected in seven major fields. The 2019 TOP10 list covers seven areas: education, environment, disability, health care, rural development, science and technology, and social innovators under the age of 30. Carbonstop founder Luhui Yan was awarded the 2019 Social Innovator (Environment) TOP10.

Carbonstop won the Carbon Label Pioneer Award

January 9, 2019, the 2020 Carbon Label Annual Meeting and award ceremony jointly hosted by China Carbon Label Industry Innovation Alliance (CLIIA), China Electronic Energy――Saving Technology Association(CEESTA) and China Low-Carbon Economy Promotion Association(CLCEPA) was held in Beijing, University of International Business and Economics. Carbonstop was rewarded the Carbon Label Pioneer Award. Luhui Yan, the founder of Carbonstop, gave a keynote speech, introducing carbon footprint, carbon label and announced the latest product of Carbonstop-- Ccloud, a LCA carbon emission accounting tool.

Baidu and Carbonstop jointly organize 2020 Baidu ESG seminar

January 6, 2020, the 2020 Baidu ESG carbon management seminar was hosted by Carbonstp in Beijing. Formor national project officer of UNEP, Nanqing Jiang, was invited to share the international and domestic low carbon policies, and Jiao Yue, vice president and Secretary General of Beijing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association, to share the one day less driving project in Beijing. In addition, Luhui Yan, the founder of Carbonstop, stressed the importance of carbon management innovation for corporation. Carbonstop consultant team discussed the Baidu carbon management practice, Baidu Map carbon management and Baidu Investor relationship and 2020 low-carbon plan.

Luhui Yan was invited to attend community waste management forum

On novenmber 19, 2019, under the guidance of Center for Environmental Education and Communications of Ministry of Ecology and Environment and Service Center of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China, the first Community Waste Management Forum was launched in Chengdu. More than 200 people from more than 100 government institutions, social organizations, enterprises and media, who concerned about community waste management issues across the country, participated in the forum's sharing and opinion exchange. Academician Du Xiangyi, who proposed "no waste city", expert in applied physics, high-power laser technology and energy strategy, and Dr. Jane Goodall, an internationally famous zoologist and conservationist, also attended the forum as a special guest and delivered a keynote speech.

Luhui Yan was invited to attend UN Science Policy Business Forum

7 November 2019, Luhui Yan, CEO and founder of Carbonstop, was invited to attend UN Science Policy Business Forum Second Scoping Meeting and High Level Working Group on Big Data and Digital Ecosystem for the Planet in Canberra, Australia. Luhui did the presentation of "Creating a Culture of Accountability", sharing the contribution that Carbonstop had made in low-carbon big data and corporation carbon management.

Carbonstop was invited to update CRSCP

Recently, carbonstop was invited by CCFA to update the website of China Retail Sustainable Consumption Platform (CRSCP). This platform was jointly launched by UNEP and CCFA. This update will optimize the pages and add some new functions. it will become more clear for the providers to understand the concept and policy of sustainable production and consumption, and also encourage the enterprises to provide consumers with sustainable products. Finally, these actions will build a green shopping concept and achieve jointly spread the concept with consumers.