Carbon Management Training


The study of carbon management training courses allows students and professionals to recognize, manage and utilize core available areas for reduction of emissions, which practically demands both top-level managers and decision makers of all disciplines to be carbon compliant. Scientists across the world are furthering their research on the resultant effects of carbon emissions in relation to climate change as well as how to mitigate the problems that these changes create. Carbon management training courses invariably become one of the strategic defining issues of the 21st century which has set the overall agenda for all governments and organisations alike striving to support and equip professionals with the core knowledge and skills needed to develop and implement a robust carbon management strategy.

Working mode

Carbonstop provides online and offline lessonssynchronously to all participants for learning. Participants can schedule time for online remote video learning (website: and take advantages of online courses that are not subject to time and location, repeated viewing, etc. As the result the basics of carbon management are well established. In addition, after each online course is completed, a quiz will be conducted before the start of offline training to test the effect of online learning.

In order to ensure the quality of training, Carbonstop invites and organizes the best teachers to participate in teaching, including experts from the National Climate Strategy Center, CEC, Huaneng Group, ICIS, and SinoCarbon. The training includes: climate change, carbon management, carbon trading, carbon accounting,  CDP questionnaire, etc..

The training period is two working days each time and the number of trainees is less than 15 people.

The first day of training is the theoretical basis for carbon management carbon trading. The second day focuses on issues related to carbon accounting and CDP questionnaire filling.


Service plan

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