Carbon Asset Company CAMP


Why carbon asset company needs CAMP?

At present, many carbon asset developers have become increasingly struggling with manual management due to the large number of projects. In addition, due to the high degree of professionalism, manual work will cause many problems. The processes are too complicated, they all need to be managed through carbon asset development management software.

Working mode

Four main features of Carbon Asset Company CAMP:

1. Basic information management (Organization, Labor, Authority, etc.)

2. Business management (Business opportunity, Contracts, Selling, etc.)

3. Projects development management (PDD, Examination, Accounting, Recording, etc.)

4. Statistics (Analyzing, Quests, etc.)


At the end of 2017, Carbonstop developed the CCER emission reduction project management system for Climate Bridge (Shanghai) Environment Technology Co., Ltd. This system works for the full process management of CCER projects, from the previous business management, management of contracts and payment, To the project development period of validation, verification, crediting, project design change module management, and subsequent transaction management. In addition, this system provides the basic company management, such as employee management, account management, customer management, task management and other modules. 

It can help carbon asset companies or managers of any part of the CCER project to reduce the extra time and labor costs caused by the large number of projects and complex materials, and manage project output rationally, and tap more project values.

Service plan

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