About Us


Carbonstop was founded in March 2011 by Luhui Yan. Carbonstop is China's first carbon management software and consulting services provider, it helps the enterprises calculate, analyze, manage and report the carbon emissions. Carbonstop's business mainly focuses in China, while the products/services also apply for overseas enterprises.

Carbonstop is set up to reduce a company's carbon footprint.
In summary, Carbonstop -- stopping the carbon footprint

Carbonstop vision:Connect people and the environment
Carbonstop mission: Let every product show its carbon footprint
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Core Products

Carbonstop had successfully developed a carbon management software: CAMP(Carbon Accounting and Management Platform), and got more than 10 software copyright. This self-developed product has been used by more than 100 domestic and foreign customers for carbon management.

Carbonstop's main business also includes carbon management consulting and training services. "No quantitative, No management". According to international and domestic carbon accounting standards, Carbonstop can provide scientific and accurate carbon emissions accounting service to reduce carbon emissions.

Our Advantages

  • Carbonstop is the partner of the United Nations Sustainable Consumption.
  • Carbonstop had helped more than 100 Chinese companies respond to CDP questionnaire.
  • The founder of Carbonstop, Luhui Yan, is the committee member of the UN IPCC Fifth Assessment Report and the member of the Carbon Disclosure Project Technical Experts.
  • Carbonstop is board member of first council of carbon label industry innovation alliance, and Carbonstop participated in drafting standards of product carbon footprint in China.
  • Carbonstop is able to quantify carbon footprint of all daily necessities, covering clothing, food, housing, transportation and commodities these fields.
  • Carbonstop has largest database of carbon emission factors in China.

Our Clients

Our clients include multinational companies, large state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, international organizations, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

  • Government agencies(National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China Emission Exchange, Exchange Sichuan United Environment Exchange,Beijing Association to Promote Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, etc.)
  • Enterprises(Ant Financial, JingDong, Lenovo China, Baidu,Kohler, etc.)
  • Research institutes(Beijing Industrial Designing and Researching Institute, Beijing Information Science and Technology University, etc.)
  • Consulting / Certification Company(Guangzhou Greenstone Carbon Asset Management Co., LTD, etc.)
  • NGO and others(Vanke Foundation; EF; IPE; SEE; IED; Cango; ECSEL, etc.)